Contact With a cup of coffee

Come to the Lola clubhouse at Noordeinde 91 in The Hague for a delicious cup of coffee and much more. Our baristas at Lola will always make an optimal coffee for you. Also, every barista at Lola his or her own 'Special', his or her favorite coffee. Will we see and speak to each other then? 

Contact Through Social Media

Through the Lola like page in Facebook we keep you up to date with special news. Through Facebook and Instagram, we want to inspire you with special outfits and coffee stories, beautiful photographs and videos and stories that matter. To us, this is not “one way communication” but a way to get in touch with you.

Contact By e-mail

Mail Lola and don’t be surprised to get this auto-reply: "Thanks for your e-mail. Lola consists of a small team. More than anything we love to make the finest coffee, work on the most beautiful bikes, go out and bike. Every Monday and Friday we do the e-mails. In urgent cases, contact Lola directly at: 06 29 087 793." 

Contact By phone

Every day between 9.00 and 17.00 h. Lola can be reached by phone at 06 29 087 793. Sometimes the barista and mechanic are too busy with fine coffees and bicycles, making it impossible for them to answer the call. Try again or try one of the other possibilities to get in contact with us.