Coffee Oro y Paz

Forget about “single origin” Lola gets its coffee from a single farmer! The man’s name is Hernando “Meko” Gutierrez and he is a fourth generation Colombian coffee farmer. All coffee under our new Oro y Paz label is bought directly from Meko and comes to The Hague straight from his Rosa Florida farm. We think that is pretty cool.

Coffee Amani

Local coffee farmers collaborating to create opportunities for local cyclists – that is the idea behind the Amani Project. Thanks to our friends at This Side Up we’ve managed to source the beans for the Amani blend directly from the Rwandan, Congolese, and Ugandan farmers. Read more

Coffee Coffee Workshops

Want to make Oro y Paz at home? We can teach you how to become your very own expert barista. Lola offers regular coffee workshops for those looking to up their home coffee game. Send us an email and we’ll let you know the date of our next workshop.

Coffee Mobile Lola

Sometimes you’ve got to get out and stretch your legs. Whether it be a local crit race or the UCI World Championships in Innsbruck, Lola takes its coffee on the road with the big yellow bus! Want Lola at your event? Send us an email.