About Us Lola

Lola is that girl who goes her own way undisturbed. She climbs trees enabling herself to look further, just to create a different viewpoint. She wears her father's shirts, the wedding dress of her mother, the cap of her brother. Lola is Lola...

About Us Lola Cycling Club

The Lola Cycling Club is a beautiful club of international cycling addicts (m/f) who get together for bike rides on Wednesday at 19.00 h. and on Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 h. Everybody who shares the passion for cycling is welcome. Fast or slowly enjoying, girl or boy, woman or man: "It's all about the ride". 

About Us Lola employees

Lola owes its existence to great team of employees. Different characters but all passionate, ambitious, curious and enjoying life. Why? Because they do exactly what they like. 

About Us Lola photo pack

We get lots of requests for beautiful hi-res photos of Lola. That is why we have compiled a Lola Photo Pack. These are free to use under the requirement of mentioning “© Lola bikes and coffee”. We appreciate it very much if you could send us a copy of the publication. Download Lola photo pack here